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5/14/15 - NEW!!!

In 2014, NWEA completed a study to connect the scale of the North Carolina State End of Grade (EOG) Testing Program used for North Carolina’s mathematics and reading assessments with NWEA’s RIT scale. Information from the state assessments was used in a study to establish performance-level scores on the RIT scale that would indicate a good chance of success on these tests. Go to or click on the document below to access the document.


Problem – A teacher cannot see a student in their MAP roster. A district user can pull information on the student from MAP files and see the student is linked in MAP at multiple schools. PowerSchool still thinks they are active in classes at a previous school. This dual enrollment causes the student to not show in their current teacher’s MAP rosters. Click on the document below for directions on how to resolve this in PowerSchool.


Click on the links below to see the MAP goal setting resources the collected by participants during April's MAP: Focusing on Growth Professional Development:


Resources from Informing Instruction PD


Top 4 MAP eLearning Needs SOLVED!


  • RIT Reference Brochure

Click on the link below

  • Differentiation article shared during Dawn's MAP session

Go to the following link to access the differentiation article:

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CMS - NWEA Knowledge Academy Destination PD Registration

Knowledge Academy—the NWEA™ eLearning platform—delivers tailored learning plans based on the role of each member of your staff. Use the resources in Knowledge Academy to provide all staff with the professional learning they need—at their pace, and on their schedule. Individuals may choose from a variety of formats to support learning needs: tutorials, webinars, videos, documents, and courses. Resources range from a few minutes to an hour in length.
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MAP Site for teachers and administrators: MAP Login

NWEA General Site: NWEA Site

10/20/14 MAP Reference Sheet

Please feel free to access the following 2012-2013 resources below as needed. You may access up to date information in Destination PD. Please scroll up and follow registration directions.

Training 1: MAP Overview:

Map Administration Web Based Handbook:

Training 2: Stepping Stones to Using Data:

Materials from the workshop

Training 3: Climbing the Data Ladder:
Climbing the Data Ladder Materials:
Climbing the Data Ladder Handouts:Planning Forward:
Instructional Ladder:
Data to Instruction Framework:
Appointment Clock:

Training 4: Growth and Goals:
Click on the file below to access materials from the workshop!

Data Management Guide:

MAP Parent Toolkit:

Additional Resources from NWEA

There are four courses available now with two more in development. The courses include:

  • What Every Teacher Needs to Know About MAP
  • MAP for Primary Grades: Key Features and Components
  • Key Reports and Instructional Resources
  • Student Goal Setting
Here is the link:

These are the online training videos from MARC:

MARC (MAP Administration and Reporting Center)


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April 26, 2013



MAP Introduction (5 Mins)


Web-Based MAP - What's Different (5 Mins)
Adding Students and Staff (10 Mins)
Test Season Planning (8 Mins)


Testing in Web-Based MAP: What's Different? (4 Mins)
Proctor Quick Start (6 Mins)
Proctor Tools (11 Mins)


Reports in Web-Based MAP: What's Different (6 Mins)
Benefits of MAP Reports for Teachers (3 Mins)
Benefits of MAP Reports for Adminstrators (4 Mins)